Client Demos

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Music and Creative Services for Industry Professionals and Projects

Custom Scoring and Composition 

Sound Design & Foley

Audio Production ~ Remix Engineering

Artist, Music, and Product Development

Licensable Catalog of existing Music

Music Supervision & Consultation

TAO X Production's

Corporate Clients include:

Intel, Adobe, Birkenstock,

Eyewire, Digital Fountain, PAC Advantage,

SST Technologies, Mindjet Software,

Z Engineering, Savasa Fitness, and others.

Production & Agency Clients:

Photon Creative, Unstoppable Pacific Productions,

Van Hazelaar Productions, Catapult Direct,

That Channel, Where the Waters Meet

T. Reed has also worked for several clients in

Art, Graphics , Film Industry and other capacities.

Additional Service Clients include:

Pyramid Pictures, The Monster Shop,

Tomorrow Farm, North Star, Brillion Iron Works,

Milwaukee Auto Show, Sharecrop Gardens

Audio Production & MIDI/Digital Facility

  • MOTU Hard Disk recording Carrillon Pro Audio PC, Vegas Video, Soundforge, Cubase, Acid,  and more...
  • 32x8 and 24x4 Mackie Mixing Consoles
  • Digital FX and Processing
  • Multiple State of the Art and Vintage Digital and Analogue Keyboards, Multiple Samplers
  • DAT, Minidisk, CDR, DVDR, Cassette
  • Digital Audio Transfer (format to format)

Production Services

(Film, Video, Interactive)

  • Scoring/Composition/Sound Design
  • Mixing & Treatments
  • Remix Artist/Engineer
  • Artist/Product Development 
  • Consultation

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Thanks for taking the time to consider

TAO X Productions

for your creative audio solutions.

T. Reed

TAO X Productions