Composer/Producer/Sound Designer

Multimedia Artist/Writer

T. Reed - Bio/Discography

T. Reed's life-long passion for horror films (and the fusion

of sound to picture) grew exponentially when he started writing and creating music videos with a team of colleagues in the late 1980’s. These collaborations resulted in several music videos appearing alongside artists such as

Nine Inch Nails and Nitzer Ebb on VJ reels distributed to hundreds of nightclubs across the U.S.

With over twenty five years of professional experience in a vast array of industry capacities he developed well rounded experience in the entertainment industry.  From graphic artist to grip work on film crews, to creative director and composer, he has worn many hats at any given point and has worked closely with other film/video professionals in commercial and independent scenarios.

Throughout the 1990s, he performed with the industrial metal shock rock band Morpheus Sister, sharing stages with Marilyn Manson, Deftones, Clutch, Love & Rockets, Helmet, Godflesh and others.

T. Reed is currently a composer/sound designer and music producer at TAO X Productions, where he has scored nationally distributed horror films and worked with clients including Adobe, Birkenstock, Intel and others.

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The music and production of T.Reed has appeared on the following projects.

"Agent 88"

By Digger T. Mesch & William O'Niell © 2012

High energy star studded web series

Directed by Digger T. Mesch

T. Reed - Sound Design

(In Post-Production)

"Pilgrimage to the Witch's House"

A Documentary by Joseph R. Skow @2012

T. Reed - Original Music - Sound Design - Sound & Production Consultant

Also appearing as T. Reed

(In Production)

"Broken Orbit"

SciFi feature film by Patrik Beck © 2012

T. Reed - Composer - Sound Designer -

Music Supervisor

(In post production)

Django Mack - "Alcohol of Fame"

Album by Django Mack © 2012

Phasepacket Records

T. Reed - Co-Producer - Mix - Keyboards

(COMING SOON! Out for mastering & duplication)

"Spade County Massacre" © 2011

Written & directed by Dean Chapman

T. Reed - ADR Recordist

(Wrapped - Out for DVD manufacturing)

"Four Cups of Joe"

by Steven Baer - © 2009

A short film produced and directed by Brandon Butrick

Starring: Jeffrey Weismann

(Pale Rider, Back to the Future II & III)

T. Reed - Sound Design, Dialog/Music Edit & Mix

"Deeper in the Box" compilation 2008

© Waveform Modulations

An all star line-up of cutting edge artists from the US and UK, bringin' ya funked out breakbeats, glitchy IDM, sci-fi electro & industrial ambient. This is a collector's item of fine electronica. Artist/Track /Info: Walk Skip Run Glide - "Journey" (Jaguar Translation)

"Beastial Glow" © Love Tank 2006 - 

PhasepacketRecords - USA

Artist/Track/Info: T.Reed - Additional Keyboards,Instrumentation, Mix, and Production.

Eccentric and Original Freak Jazz from

San Francisco's "Love Tank"


(aka Final Remains)  

©T.Reed/TAO X Productions 2005

TAO X Artist/Track/Info: T.Reed’s Original Motion Picture Score for the movie “Mortuary”, Produced by VanHazelaar Productions. Also features additional music of other Recording Artists selected for the Film by T.Reed in his capacity as Music Supervisor. T.Reed put together the Post A/V team which took this project to completion. He also worked on dialog editing and 5.1 surround mix with

 Thomas Dimuzio at Gench Studio.

The Soundtrack/Score CD release is currently in production.

"Antipriest - Xero" © Antipriest - 2006 TAO X Productions - USA

Artist/Track/Info: Antipriest 7 tracks, 60 minutes of dark intense Drone power!

Produced by T.Reed

“Locations Volume II” Compilation - V/A © Matt Davignon 2004 Rhibosome Music - USA

Artist/Track/Info: “Frogs of the Dreamtime Calling Their Mothership” © Antipriest 2002

“Brotherhood of the Drone Volume I ” Compilation V/A - 2004 © T.Reed/TAOX

TAOX Productions USA

Artist/Track/Info: T.Reed - Producer featuring tracks by artists such as David Lee Myers(Arcane Device), Chaos as Shelter,  Antipriest Artist on track 5 “Xero” and track 13 “Sonicsupercollideascope”.

“Williams [re]Mix” (installation) - engineered and created by Composer Larry Austin at Engine 27, New York, March 2003. Artist/Track/Info: T.Reed/Antipriest contributed 6 tracks to be part of this mass collaborative effort at recreating a modern tribute celebrating the 50th anniversary of John Cage’s original ‘William’s Mix’,(1951-53), a performance for eight monaural magnetic tapes, the first octophonic tape music composition in the world created and performed with eight speakers surrounding the audience.

“Blood Reaper Soundtrack” - © T.Reed/TAO X 2002 - TAO X Productions - USA

Artist/Track/Info: T.Reed’s Original Motion Picture Score for the movie “Blood Reaper”, Produced by

Unstoppable Pacific Productions

Director: Lory Michael Ringuette Film premiered in theaters in LA in November 2003. Trailer also available under Feature Film Demos at:

Film sold to IFM and Silver Nitrate for International Distribution, available in Canada via Maple Films/ Lion's Gate, and in the UK via Lighthouse.

“Rgyu Ba Remixes” - © Walk Skip Run Glide/T.Reed 2001 Pali Vinyl - USA

Artist/Track/Info: T.Reed as Producer/Remix Artist/Engineer

“Rgyu Ba” - © Walk Skip Run Glide 2001 Talla Records - USA

Artist/Track/Info: Walk Skip Run Glide w/T.Reed sampling/sound design.

“Alone” (Music Video) - © Morpheus Sister 1999 shot and edited by Photon Creative

Artist/Track/Info: Morpheus Sister “Alone” Video T.Reed (aka Warlock) as Co-writer/Co-Creator of song and video. See video excerpt at youtube

“Fantasies About Illness” © Oneiroid Psychosis 1996 Decibel - USA

Artist/Track/Info: T.Reed (aka Warlock) as guest keyboardist on “Obscurum per Obscurius”

“Listen” © Alien Faktor 1996 Feedback - USA

Artist/Track/Info:T.Reed (aka Warlock) sampling /sound design on Track 4 “Oceanspace”

“Final Expenses” (remix CD V/A) - © Alien Faktor 1996 Decibel - USA

Artist/Track/Info: T.Reed aka Warlock “Ego Death” Medicine Mix (as Co-writer/Remix Artist)

“Industrial Nation Sampler 13” (V/A) - 1996 Industrial Nation Magazine

Artist/Track/Info: Collide “Violet’s Dance”(Abstract Head Crash mix) T.Reed (aka Warlock) as Remix Artist/Guest Keyboardist

“The Fullerton Project” (Compilation V/A) - 1996 Conversion Media - USA

Artist/Track/Info: Morpheus Sister "Straightjacket"

"Indie Gestion” AP 12 Sampler" (V/A) 1996 Alternative Press Magazine

Artist/Track/Info: Morpheus Sister "Slow"

"Taste This 5" Dischordia Compilation (V/A) - 1996 Dischordia - Germany

Artist/Track/Info: Alien Faktor - "Ego Death"

“Complications” Compilation (V/A) - 1996 Decibel - USA

Artist/Track/Info: Morpheus Sister -Multiple tracks

(Remixes of Decibel artists by Drown, Filter, Severed Heads, etc.)

"Taste This 4"Dischordia Compilation (V/A) - 1995 Dischordia - Germany

Artist/Track/Info: Morpheus Sister - "Turn Out the Lights"

"There Is No Time" (quadruple compilation V/A) - 1995 RasDva - USA

Artist/Track/Info: Morpheus Sister "Killer" (Exclusive Mix)

“Desolate” © Alien Faktor 1995 Decibel - USA

Artist/Track/Info: T.Reed aka Warlock “Ego Death” *(as Co-writer)

 “Killer” (Music Video) - © Morpheus Sister 1995

Artist/Track/Info: Morpheus Sister “Killer” Music Video (Recorded Live at Nitro, Milwaukee) Director: B. Butrick T.Reed (aka Warlock) as Co-writer/Co-Creator of song and video. Additional footage from this shoot was also used to create “Morpheus Sister Live at Nitro”, Winner of 1993 Advanced Music Video Philo Award (Producer: James Pilarski)

“Morpheus Sister - Songs About Death” © Morpheus Sister 1995 Decibel - USA

Artist/Track/Info: Morpheus Sister - 10 song debut CD

“Abduction” © Alien Faktor 1994 Decibel - USA

Artist/Track/Info: T.Reed aka Warlock “Somewhere in the Dark” (as Co-writer/Producer)

“Slow / In The Flesh” © Morpheus Sister 1994

Artist/Track/Info: Morpheus Sister 2 song promotional cassette single

“Electricity / Killer” © Vivid Psyche 1993

Artist/Track/Info: Vivid Psyche 2 song promotional cassette single

“Plagued”(Video)  © T.Reed/Mark Mars 1990   Artist/Track/Info: T.Reed as Producer, Director, and Composer for this cable programming short created with Mark Mars one of the writers for the original animated series By Peter Chung, "Aeon Flux", and author of the companion graphic novel, The Heritodus Files

"Armless Musicians" © T.Reed 1990 Artist/Track/Info: T.Reed Composer of music for a Video Sculpture exhibition for Mark Mars, award winning Wisconsin cable Arts program "Where the Waters Meet"

“That Channel” (Title/Theme Song) ©T.Reed 1990

Artist/Track/Info: T.Reed Composer of intro song for Mark Mars' cable music entertainment program “That Channel”

"Exterminator" (Music Video) - © Vivid Psyche 1990 Stimulus Lab - USA

Artist/Track/Info: Vivid Psyche “Exterminator” Video (shot on 16mm film) Director: B. Butrick

T.Reed (aka Warlock) as Co-writer/Co-Creator of song and video. Shared national distribution (Wolfram Video) to hundreds of nightclubs, on same reel with Nine Inch Nails, Nitzer Ebb, and others

 “Brand New Community” - © Vivid Psyche 1989 Stimulus Lab - USA

Artist/Track/Info: Vivid Psyche 4 song EP cassette release

“Vanishing Hand” © B.Butrick/T.Reed 1987

Artist/Track/Info: Score for Independent Film proposal - unreleased

“Gas” (Music Video) © Vivid Psyche 1987 Stimulus Lab - USA

Artist/Track/Info: Vivid Psyche “Gas” (shot on 16mm film) Director: B. Butrick and T.Reed (aka Warlock) as Co-writer/Co-Creator of song and video. Received national distribution (Wolfram Video) to hundreds of nightclubs across U.S.

“Vivid Psyche” - © Vivid Psyche 1987 Stimulus Lab - USA Artist/Track/Info: Vivid Psyche 6 song demo EP cassette release

" I brake for Gargoyles!"