Composer/Sound Designer  T.Reed

Dedicated to audio innovation and experimentation, T. Reed works relentlessly to expand his library of original sounds for SFX , sound design elements, and fresh tracks. He does field recording sessions and has built or modified experimental instruments ranging from large sculptural percussion to circuit bent electronics, employing them to create some of the unique sounds and atmospheres embodied in many of his works.

TAO X Productions Experimental Instrument Gallery

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Hill Iron Series

T. Reed would like to thank J. Kaminsky, Paul, Michael,  and Eric K. for the space, resources, creativity, collaboration and cooperation in the creation of this series of large sculptural musical instruments built starting in 2000 and continuing through today.




Lovecraftian 1: Sounds of the Tripod Disk Gong both struck with a mallet and with stones poured upon it, are  recorded, reversed, timeshifted and finally manipulated via a Roland DJ70 MKII w/360 degree "scratch wheel" controller, and incorporated into this short piece inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's "The Terrible Old Man".