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Album Title:

'Mortuary - Final Remains'

by Composer: T. Reed

Release Year:


Record Label:

TAO X Productions

Track List: 

1. Mortuary Theme


3. Face First - CMD

4. Daydream

5. Moon Pool

6. Party - OA

7. Funeral

8. Flashback 1

9. Marching Rebel - TG

10. Little Girl

11. Eclipzor Galore -CMD

12. Phonecall

13. Yee Ha - PJ/DW

14. Henry's Tale

15. The River

16. Expectations - OA

17. Hall Chase

18. Deputy Dead

19. Plethora - TG

20. Gonna Make It

21. Sheriff Explores

22. Shoot Out

23. Thick - CMD

24. Embalming Room

25. Cremations Alive

26. The Cellar

27. ATPI (excerpt) - TG

28. Final Remains-TR/TD

29. So Long



Horror Film Composer

T. Reed

Mortuary - Final Remains

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack/Score


The Van Hazelaar Production feature horror film "Mortuary" was first released  overseas in 2006 and  was released in the US as "Final Remains"in 2009. This Soundtrack/Score contains the original thematic horror score elements creatively interwoven with many of the original songs featured in the film for a truly cinematographic listening experience.

CD Contains music by:

T. Reed

C.M. Cess

Tracy G

Orphan Age w/Peter Haskell

Page Jackson w/Double Wide

Thomas Dimuzio

In Memory  of Peter Haskell

1956 -2008

Album Title:

Kaijusonic :

'Mecha vs Monster'

Release Year:


Record Label:

TAO X Productions


Nightmare Sound

Track List: 

1. Mecha vs Titan

2. Kill Robots Rise

3. Battle Test 1

4. Mecha vs Monster IV

5. It is Awake

6. Jet  Power Robotman









Mecha vs Monster

Kaijusonic is a side project by Horror Film Composer T.Reed, dedicated to the fans and creators of the

Giant Monster movies we all know and love.

Specializing in new electronic soundscapes for the fond memories we hold in our minds for these fun

and colorful horror films, Kaijusonic hopes to re-kindle that spirit of joy and fun captured in the making and watching of the films in this special branch of the

horror genre of in cinematic history.

While the music of Kaijusonic is very different from the original scores we all remember, the project is dedicated with the greatest respect to

Composer Akira Ifukube who has done so much more in music than simply scoring the Japanese "DaiKaiju" films for which he will always be loved and remembered.

Album Title:

Antipriest - 'Xero'

Suite for Ouijitar & Cicadae

Release Date:


Record Label:

TAO X Records

Track List: 

1. Brood X

2. Xero

3. PsychodiagnostiX

4. The Breeding Chamber

5. Hybernocturnomorphic State

6. Locust Resurrection Code X

7. All Hail the New Insekt Overlords



Ouijitar Prototypes, Field Recordings, Voice, Programming,


Performed and Manipulated by: Antipriest

Organic/Electronic/Metaphysical Composition and Audio Experimentation at it's best! Tuning has been allowed to erode as a system of order, and is at the mercy of time and vibration. Like a wave, once started, unstopping till it breaks upon its shore. Like the incessant song of the cicadae, the sky fills with the sound of a swarm of huge mechanical Locusts summoned by ancient priests to cleanse the world of impurity, come centuries too late for them to see…

Their Larvae planted in our head, we become dead and blind, ... soulless,

  ' 0'

We stand at the edge of Nothing, The Food of Gods.

Album Title:

Chemical Chamber Orchestra

Chamber #6

Release Year:


Record Label:

TAO X Records

Track List: 

1. Chamber #1

2. Chamber#2

3. Chamber#3

4. Chamber#4

5. Chamber#5

6. Chamber#6

Chemical Chamber Orchestra

Chamber # 6

The Chemical Chamber Orchestra is a special project featuring Composer T. Reed in collaboration with other artists and composers transmitting from secret undisclosed locations,

bringing guerilla art-fare and field recording to the dissection table, for decomposition.

·         Clandestine performances in the night

·         Found objects from the scenes of secret sites

·         Prepared implements

·         Random temporal elements and transmissions.

All becoming a backdrop for the Chaosymphonic sound of the Chemical Chamber Orchestra.

Chemical Chamber Orchestra – Chamber #6

This Chemical Chamber Orchestra release features audio manipulation and collaboration by:

Composer - T. Reed


Thomas Dimuzio

and field recording/performance by Brandon Butrick

The location of this performance cannot be revealed, but the sonic results of the recordings have been transported to

TAO X Productions and Gench Studios

for further incubation and development

Album Title:

TAO X Presents:

Brotherhood of the Drone : Volume I

A Compilation of the Dark Art of Drone


Release Year:


Record Label:

TAO X Productions

Track List: 

1. David Lee Myers : Tranzome

2. Flexible Response : Nos Sons

3. Burnt Earth : Oliphant

4. Emmanual Ferrand : Springtime

5. Antipriest :


6. Fringe Element :

The Void

7. Chaos as Shelter :

    History Strikes Back

8. Giuseppe Rapisarda : Almaquae

9. Ellende :

Loving the wall

10. John Pascuzzi :

     Spirits of the Aftermath

11.Alan Tower & Free Energy :

    A Mystic Meandering*

12. PAH.fluXus : Organicum


      (w/B. Kimball):          Decomposition I



The Brotherhood of the Drone - Volume I

A Compilation of the Dark Art of Drone  


Drone is the primordial tone of the Universe. It has been at the heart of transformational experience since the beginning of time.Whether the vibration of a planet, the wind of breath in the tone of termite-hollowed tree from the Aboriginal homeland, or an electronic device channeling voltage and computations, the effect of Drone can be both grounding and energetic, soothing and unsettling, ancestral and evolutionary.

Drone and Chant are the Gateways of Shamanism and form a fundamental element in the practice of many meditations and rituals.    

Brotherhood of the Drone - Volume I 

features 13 diverse tracks of some of the premier Artists of the elusive Drone underground from around the World, created on a multitude of unique instruments and reflecting very different approaches and traditions arranged into a smoothly flowing  journey through dark imaginary landscapes beyond time and space.

Let go … and receive the power of the Drone. Drift, relax, and melt into the sound that is older than time itself…the underlying hum of life, death, and the spaces inbetween.

Album Title:

Love Tank

Bestial Glow

Release Year:


Record Label:

Phasepacket Records

Track List: 

1. Brown Cow

2. Home

3. Ages Gone

4. Cold Future

5. Simply Safer 

6. Bestial Glow

7. Mossforten Tthann

8. Many moments

9. Flux

10. The Flood

Phasepacket Records

Love Tank

Bestial Glow

San Francisco Alt-experimental Jazz phenomenon

 ‘Love Tank

What the band describes as Kerouwacky, Trip-Bop is a unique blend of Post Beatnik Freak Jazz with slight flavors of Captain Beefheart/Zappa and Miles-like horn riffs that dance like drunken tightrope walkers in a Doctor Suess painting. Elements of traditional and improvisational free jazz mix playfully with occasional infusions of Electronica, cinematic textures, sounds, and spoken word…but don’t let all that ecclectic talk fool you; there are some real beats droppin on some of these tracks!

Exciting – Authentic – Original … an astonishing fusion of tongue in cheek intellectual flim-flam on a rich bed of electro-acoustic new jazz mayhem. From the first song to the last, the album transforms and evolves organically with the soul and sensibilities of Jazz, and a surreal hip twist of Experimental and Electronic Fusion.

Brandon Butrick (Bass/Guitar) and Brendan Rush Dance (Horns/Flutes/Whistles and Words), both former natives of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, currently residing and working out of San Francisco, collaborate together with John Law (Drums/Percussion), Nejdet Ulu (on the Ney), and Milwaukee film composer, T. Reed (on Keyboards, Analogs, Sound FX, Mixing and Production) to create some of the coolest strangest new jazz colors you’ll ever find in your box of crayons!

Album Title:

Locations - Volume II

Release Year:


Record Label:

Ribosome Music


TAO X Productions


Track List: 

1. Marcelo Radulovich - Que grande se ve la ciudad

2. David Cooper Orton - Location, location location - As one door shuts...

3. Omnid - peachtreeandwind

4. Marcos Fernandes - Dawn Reverie

5. Antipriest -

Frogs of the Alien Dreamtime Calling Their Mothership

6. Paul Paulun -

'Seoul Rapid.' excerpt

7. archive - spotter

8. The Quiet American - Seven Minutes in Tibet

9. Gydja - Tranz Metro

10. Jamie Drouin - vessel_part 4

11. Rob Switzer -

What Happens While We're Away

Ribosome Music

Locations - Volume II

V/A Compilation

Eleven musicians collect sounds of their cities and surroundings in specific areas all over the world, then create music compositions from the recordings.

Volume 2 includes tracks by:

Marcelo Radulovich, David Cooper Orton, Omnid, Marcos Fernandes, Antipriest, Paul Paulun, Archive, The Quiet American, Gydja, Jaime Drouin and Rob Switzer.

Locations include Santiago, Chile; London; Bayonne, New Jersey; Marrakech, Morocco; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Seoul, South Korea; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Lhasa, Tibet; Wellington, New Zealand; Victoria, Canada and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.