As a producer and songwriter, T. Reed has been involved with collaborations and remixes for other Artists, and has had his tracks remixed by

Recording Artists including: Joe Bishara (Drown/Danzig), Gino Lenardo (Filter),

Martin Hall-Davis (Trancient Dreams) and others.




Morpheus Sister - SLOW - (Lower) REMIX by Joseph Bishara

From the Compilation Album: Complications 1996

All Rights Reserved




Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band - 'Sun is Down' - 'TAO X Stars Mix'

Remix by T. Reed/TAO X Productions

As licensed under Creative Commons 3.0




The Secret Meeting - 'Shiver X' - 'TAO X Venus Mix'

Remix by T. Reed/TAO X Productions

unpublished entry - used with permission




Walk Skip Run Glide (feat. Sandhya Sanjana) - 'Aum' - 'TAO X Mix'

Remix by T. Reed/TAO X Productions

© WSRG/T.Reed/C.Wing 2003




Walk Skip Run Glide  - 'Snake Charmer Acid' - (TD Mix)

Remix by Trancient Dreams

© WSRG/T.Reed/C.Wing 2003 - Trancient Dreams/Martin Hall-Davis 2005

All remixes posted here are property of TAO X Productions and/or their original copyright holder and appear with permission and/or under appropriate license, creative commons, or other explicit terms of use.